Padi Ltd. Croatia Designering, production and erection of aluminium constructions in civil engineering. Supervision for aluminium, steel and glass works on sites hr ABOUT US Mon, 10 Dec 2012 12:46:55 GMT PADI Croatia (PADI Croatia)

Firm PADI  Ltd. founded in 1990. as privat family-owned  company.

The main activity in company is designing and supervision of aluminium and steel constructions in civil engineering (facades, windows, doors partitions walls, fireresistant and security doors, automatic doors, facades covering and brisoleis)

Many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installation of facade (over 25 years) is guarantee of success in resolving each such task.

In preparing the documentation and presentation we use drawing programs AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, which allows two way communication in a variety of graphic formats.


The company  PADI d.o.o. is registered and based in Zagreb, 80 Vinogradska street

Registar number 3580482

OIB: 54433806600

Tel/fax: ++385/1/3702270




HOME Mon, 10 Dec 2012 12:46:27 GMT PADI Croatia (PADI Croatia)

Designering and produceing of aluminium and steel constructions (aluminijum hanging facades, windows, doors, partitions walls, fireresistant and security doors, automatic doors, facades covering and brisoleis) is very specific job in which we are involved in. So we offer our cooperation to :

  • architects – designering project documentation for alu. and steel construction - thender dokumentation
  • executors – working on cuting dokumentation, and leading the execution on cite.
  • investors – superviseing of aluminium and steel works on cite
  • distributors – technical suport for potentional clients

PADI  Ltd.
Zagreb, 80 Vinogradska street
tel./fax: ++385/1/ 3702270



DETAILS OF ALU. ITEMS Tue, 27 Mar 2012 17:18:57 GMT PADI Croatia (PADI Croatia)

While creating documentations, for many types of the façades, windows and doors of buildings, we created a database of details that we use and adapt to new facilities.

In this, we respect the demands of investors, responsible designer or contractor to get the optimal design of the house, with all the requirements in relation to the physics of building (cold bridges, water penetration, the passage of heat and vapor etc.).


Some of our details you can see on referecnces that have already been completed:

REFERENT OBJECTS Tue, 27 Mar 2012 17:17:55 GMT PADI Croatia (PADI Croatia)

In our long period experience we choos for projects which were build up in last 10 years:


  1. Office house MEDIAS in Zagreb  (2001.)
  2. Office house  ŠARIĆ , Zagreb  (2001/2002.)
  3. Headoffice of firm  KAMGRAD, Zagreb  (2001/2002.)
  4. Office house  SOPOT, Zagreb (2002/2003.)
  5. Privat house  RUŽIĆ, Samobor (2003.)
  6. Office house  MENART, Zagreb (2003.)
  7. Office house  VELPAPIR, Zagreb (2003.)
  8. Welnes center THALASOTERAPIA, Opatija (2004-2005.)
  9. Shopping center  MERCATOR - Đakovo (2004.)
  10. Hotel  ADRIATIC, Opatija (2005.)
  11. Shopping center  MERCATOR - Osijek (2004/2005.)
  12. Office house  PILE I 3 (2005.)
  13. Office house  ZAGREB TOWER (2005/2006.)
  14. Office center  GRAND CENTAR, Zagreb (2005/2006.)
  15. Autosaloon  KIA - Zagreb ( 2006.)
  16. Office house  VEKA ING, Zagreb (2006/2007.)
  17. Privat  FAMILY HOUSE - Osijek (2007.)
  18. Swimmingpool  -  KANTRIDA, Rijeka (2007/2008.)
  19. Office house SPG - STARI GRAD, Rijeka, Agatićeva (2008.)
  20. Shopping center  WESTGATE - Zaprešić (2009.)
  21. Shopping center  ARENA CENTER - Zagreb (2010.)
  22. Privat willas  MIROGOJSKA - Zagreb (2010/2011.)


FOR INVESTORS Tue, 27 Mar 2012 17:16:44 GMT PADI Croatia (PADI Croatia)  

The rapid development of various technologies that we are witnessing, places increasing demands on the facilities we build.
Built for himself or for the market it is imperative that your investment is safe, technically correct and realized on time.
Facade as one of the more expensive and demanding parts of the building  we performing special attention in the earliest design stage.
During the supervision of execution of aluminum structures, we control system of aluminum profiles in terms of building physics applications (cold bridges, water penetration, the passage of heat and vapor etc.), we  revise the contractor performing  documentation, control the samples placed on the building and, during the performing, in accordance with the project, on a daily basis, we control derivative works.

We certify a temporary situation, we participate in the technical review of the facility, and solve the ended situation.
Examples of successful supervision for the aluminum cladding on buildings:

-       Office house  SOPOT, Zagreb (2002/2003.)

-       Office house  VELPAPIR, Zagreb (2003.)

-       Office house  MENART, Zagreb (2003.)

-       Office house  PILE I 3 (2005.)

-       Office center  GRAND CENTAR, Zagreb (2005/2006.)

-       Office house  VEKA ING, Zagreb (2006/2007.)

-       Office house SPG - STARI GRAD, Rijeka, Agatićeva (2008.)


FOR CONTRACTORS Tue, 27 Mar 2012 17:15:34 GMT PADI Croatia (PADI Croatia)  

To contractors we offer technical cooperation for the facilities.
- We creat  project produce documentation that verifies the architect, (drawings, selection of system facades, windows or doors, choice of colors and types of surface treatment, presentation of samples, and specifying any additional work outside the contractual expense)
- According to certified documents we produce manufacturing drawings (cutting list of all profiles, hardware, accessories, dimensions of glass and  steel substructure) in accordance with the previous takeing mesures on the site, taking into account the possibility of contractor in terms of materials and equipment that has.
- We offer expert guidance during  installation of the items since the beginning of site, conducting daily performans, the presence on coordination, resolving technical problems occurred, filing the site book, until the ended  situation.

The objects for which we worked out the documentation:


FOR ARCHITECTS Tue, 27 Mar 2012 17:13:36 GMT PADI Croatia (PADI Croatia)  

The idea of ​​every house materializes the spaces that the architect creates with a wall, pillar, hole ....
The facade is the element through which the house interacts with the environment, the screen which the idea emits into the surroundings.
We will help you to  realize the idea
 consistently and technically correct.
For larger and more demanding objects please contact us in the initial designing phase to give you the advice provided technical support for your ideas and help in choosing an appropriate façade systems. In preparing the main project let us making the documents relating to the project facades (views, sections and details, tender descriptions of individual positions or units, and the bill) as a basis for offering work, and monitoring during implementation. During the erection on the site we make the expert supervision of the performance of façade design.
An example of expert supervising of aluminum items are the projects:

-       Office house  PILE I 3 (2005.)

-       Office center  GRAND CENTER, Zagreb (2005/2006.)

-       Office house  VEKA ING, Zagreb (2006/2007.)

-       Office house SPG - STARI GRAD, Rijeka, Agatićeva (2008.)


FOR DISTRIBUTORS Mon, 12 Mar 2012 14:28:56 GMT PADI Croatia (PADI Croatia)

Distributors of aluminum systems in Croatia, we offer business cooperation in the processing of their customers by providing technical support in the selection and application of different structures.


Many years of experience and work with several world-class system and a large number of resolved detail, guarantee an optimal solution for each request or idea of
​​the architects.


Here are some of world known distributors of aluminium systems and their representatives in our country:


HR-10010 Zagreb, Oreškovićeva 6h

MB: 1282387; OIB 36534819451

Tel.: +385 1/66 81 726
Fax: +385 1/66 81 733



HR-10010 Zagreb, Oreškovićeva 6h

MB: 1282387; OIB 36534819451

Tel.: +385 1/66 81 726
Fax: +385 1/66 81 733


ZEKIĆ d.o.o.

Poslovnica: ZAGREB,

F. Lučića 23, Jankomir

Tel: 385 01 348 4888

Fax: +385 01 348 4890

e-mail: info-zg@zekić.hr



10000 Zagreb

Telefon: 01 / 3866222 Fax: 01 / 3866223

OIB: 39824206096 Matični broj:1570269



K2 aluminij d.o.o.
10000 ZAGREB,
Republike Austrije 38
Telefon: +385 1 3794 167 
OIB: 66124459294
M.B.: 2556677


Hydro Building Systems d.o.o.

Ljudevita Posavskog 29
10360 Sesvete / Croatia
Tel.: + 385 43 221 080
Fax: + 385 43 221 081




Zvonimira Furtingera 3 , 10000 Zagreb


Žegoti 10, 51 215 Kastav, Rijeka

tel: +385 51 691 461

fax: +385 51 691 473



Golden Globe d.o.o.
Kobiljačka 8
10361 Sesvetski Kraljevec

Tel: +385 (1) 66 40 618
Faks: +385 (1) 66 40 626