The rapid development of various technologies that we are witnessing, places increasing demands on the facilities we build.
Built for himself or for the market it is imperative that your investment is safe, technically correct and realized on time.
Facade as one of the more expensive and demanding parts of the building  we performing special attention in the earliest design stage.
During the supervision of execution of aluminum structures, we control system of aluminum profiles in terms of building physics applications (cold bridges, water penetration, the passage of heat and vapor etc.), we  revise the contractor performing  documentation, control the samples placed on the building and, during the performing, in accordance with the project, on a daily basis, we control derivative works.

We certify a temporary situation, we participate in the technical review of the facility, and solve the ended situation.
Examples of successful supervision for the aluminum cladding on buildings:

-       Office house  SOPOT, Zagreb (2002/2003.)

-       Office house  VELPAPIR, Zagreb (2003.)

-       Office house  MENART, Zagreb (2003.)

-       Office house  PILE I 3 (2005.)

-       Office center  GRAND CENTAR, Zagreb (2005/2006.)

-       Office house  VEKA ING, Zagreb (2006/2007.)

-       Office house SPG - STARI GRAD, Rijeka, Agatićeva (2008.)