The idea of ​​every house materializes the spaces that the architect creates with a wall, pillar, hole ....
The facade is the element through which the house interacts with the environment, the screen which the idea emits into the surroundings.
We will help you to  realize the idea
 consistently and technically correct.
For larger and more demanding objects please contact us in the initial designing phase to give you the advice provided technical support for your ideas and help in choosing an appropriate façade systems. In preparing the main project let us making the documents relating to the project facades (views, sections and details, tender descriptions of individual positions or units, and the bill) as a basis for offering work, and monitoring during implementation. During the erection on the site we make the expert supervision of the performance of façade design.
An example of expert supervising of aluminum items are the projects:

-       Office house  PILE I 3 (2005.)

-       Office center  GRAND CENTER, Zagreb (2005/2006.)

-       Office house  VEKA ING, Zagreb (2006/2007.)

-       Office house SPG - STARI GRAD, Rijeka, Agatićeva (2008.)