Firm PADI  Ltd. founded in 1990. as privat family-owned  company.

The main activity in company is designing and supervision of aluminium and steel constructions in civil engineering (facades, windows, doors partitions walls, fireresistant and security doors, automatic doors, facades covering and brisoleis)

Many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installation of facade (over 25 years) is guarantee of success in resolving each such task.

In preparing the documentation and presentation we use drawing programs AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, which allows two way communication in a variety of graphic formats.


The company  PADI d.o.o. is registered and based in Zagreb, 80 Vinogradska street

Registar number 3580482

OIB: 54433806600

Tel/fax: ++385/1/3702270

e-mail: padi@padi.hr

Web: www.padi.hr